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Welcome to the Myrtle house… ‘REC-o-very’ community of ‘sweaty sheep‘ (a community nonprofit outreach program striving to overcome faith, social, economic, and situational divisions through recreation.’

Located in the heart of Santa Cruz, our 14 resident home offers 7 split bedrooms, a full garage, 2 large kitchens, ample outdoor space, onsite manager/wellness coach/chaplain, high speed internet & cable, and 14 of your new best friends!

  • Shared Chores… and shared Play (pool table, bikes, boards, etc on site!!)
  • Built in community support (we seek to be a holistic home, not a brick and mortar house)
  • on site Laundry
  • Recreational activities including Gardening, sailing (on our 34ft racer,) seasonal camping/ski/wilderness trips, music therapy, and community volunteer opportunities.    
  •  Take a look at the Adventure Sports Journal’s’ feature story on our program!!!   

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